HERE is a history of Cliff’s early years (a summary of life prior to marriage)

HERE is video of mathematics and milling efforts of Professor Clifford Long with colleagues Tom Hern and Vic Norton (at the 10 minute mark is a video done by Tom and Cliff)

Cliff enjoyed singing with three BGSU mathematics colleagues (Charles Holland, Herb Hollister and Dean Neumann) as a group called The Logarythms – HERE is a video from a 1990s MAA Ohio Section meeting and HERE is a picture and article from a BGSU publication (thanks to Tom Hern!)

Andy Long has collected a wide variety of Cliff Long-related items relating to math. He shared this article – Bug, Bands and Monkey Saddles – saying that it is somewhat autobiographical. Andy has much more on his website about our dad  – click HERE to see more!

The August 10, 2002 memorial service video for Cliff Long is HERE


HERE is one of “Steve’s Snippets” about his dad, Cliff Long

Video of Long Bald Men (Clifford Allan, Steve, Andy, Thad) singing a few barbershop quartet songs plus other antics

HERE is Cliff Long’s obituary

HERE is an article by a former student, Gary Sherman. Not only is it a nice commentary about Dr. Cliff Long, it’s a wonderful example of how people like Gary follow “Long Memories-like” Binder of a Lifetime approaches to share “About Me” experiences with others. This quote about Dr. Cliff Long’s classroom is precious:

To my surprise the course wasn’t about math-calisthenics, it was an intellectual scrimmage; open, free-wheeling, questions, conjectures, confusion, examples, counterexamples, and every now and then a theorem and its proof.

Details about Cliff’s union with wife Lyn (dearie, as he called her) are HERE

Click the “play button” above for an audio interview with Tom Hern, mathematics professor and colleague, about experiences with Cliff Long (details of the interview are HERE if you want to only listen to certain sections of this)

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